Screenshots aren’t generating

Shrink the Web is the service we use for generating the main screenshots in the reports, and they are currently down and unable to provide service.  We are keeping an eye on things, they are unable to update their website so are using Twitter.  The Shrink the Web feed is available here:

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

Temporary service outages

We are aware of some service outages that have happened over the course of last night and today.  Amazon is doing some security patching and that has caused some databases to be down temporarily and cause disruption in service.  We believe this is mostly finished now, if you have any questions just send us an email.

Service Interruption Warning

Amazon is doing some maintenance this weekend/early next week to address the Shellshock security issue.  We don’t know when this will affect our servers, but it will cause an interruption in service.  We will bring everything back up as quickly as we can, and I will update this status as we have more information.

W3C Validation test

If you are using cutting edge HTML5 in your sites, you may find that the W3C validator results are incorrect.

Sitebeam puts so many requests through the validator that we have to keep a local copy on a scaling group of servers.  On occasion, the W3C will update their validator, and it takes time for us to get a copy functioning on our servers.  Updating the validator isn’t an automatable task, and can take anywhere from 2-10 hours. This unknown period of time needs to be scheduled in around regular development activities, and thus it can take a week or two when we become aware of a change to be able to implement a new copy on our servers.

We are working on the validator today, and will update this post when it has been resolved.

[UPDATE] We have pulled the latest available copy from the W3C, however this does not seem to have resolved the issues with RDFa.  It may be the W3C has not made the latest version available yet.

Incoming Links issues

Moz’s API is currently down, which means that reports may come through without incoming links data, or may fail completely.  We are aware of the issue and are awaiting more information from Moz to get this resolved.