W3C validator updated March 28

We have updated the local copy of the validator on March 28.  This means we are using the most recent version available as you can see here: https://github.com/validator/validator/releases

Amazon S3: Issues

Update – RESOLVED: Wednesday 1 March 2017 (12:10 GMT)

We have identified and resolved an issue with Sitebeam that was creating the backlog, caused by the Amazon S3 outage yesterday.

Sitebeam is now working through the current backlog, which has already reduced by approximately 60% since the start of this update.

Some users may find that some reports have failed to generate – unfortunately, this is directly linked to the Amazon S3 outage. In this instance, we recommend re-adding the site to Sitebeam.

Update: Wednesday 1 March 2017 (11:24 GMT)

Amazon S3 is now back up and running, but there may be a delay in reports running due to the resulting backlog. We have allocated more resources to help clear this backlog as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Unfortunately Amazon S3 is currently down which is affecting the running of some reports in Sitebeam and WebScan

We are aware of the issue and as soon as we know more we will update our status page.

The link to Amazon S3’s status page is here: https://status.aws.amazon.com/

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.


Queue issue in Sitebeam & WebScan


We have fixed the issue – however there may be a delay in reports running due to the backlog that needs to clear first. The issue was down to a third-party, which has now been resolved.

We are aware of a backlog of reports that are being queued in both Sitebeam and WebScan. We are looking into the issue and it appears to be a problem with a third party.

We apologise for any inconvenience – as soon as we have an update we will post it here.

Sitebeam unavailable to some users

We are aware of an issue preventing some users from logging into Sitebeam.  Amazon is upgrading some databases we use, and that is causing the interruption in service.  We will be monitoring the situation and will update this page as we know more.

W3C validator updated February 6

The local copy of the validator was updated on February 6 in line with the latest release. You can see what updates have been put out publicly here: