Delays in report running

We are aware of an issue that started about 40 minutes ago involving reports sitting in the queue for over 20 minutes before they started to run.  We have identified the issue and the reports are running now, we expect the queue to be cleared within the hour.

Sitebeam unavailable for some users

We are aware of issues preventing some users from logging into Sitebeam, and are working to resolve it.  We will update this page as soon as we have more information.

PDF export intermittent issue

We are aware of an issue with the PDF export not loading properly.  This has proven to be an intermittent problem and may not be affecting all of our customers.  We are investigating the cause and will update once we have more information.

We have identified the issue and have resolved it.  All PDF exports should be working again now.

Bing search results unavailable

We are aware of an issue with Bing search results not displaying in reports and causing some scores to be lower than they should be.  We are investigating and will update this post when we have more information.

Moz API down

Unfortunately one of our data providers, Moz, is currently experiencing downtime following a DDOS attack on their servers.

Some reports may fail as a result.  At this time we are awaiting further news from Moz.