Intermittent report failures

We are aware of some reports restarting repeatedly or failing.  We are investigating. Unfortunately at this time we can only recommend that if a report fails you attempt to run it again.  Thanks for bearing with us.  We will update as soon as we have more information.

[Update February 18, 11:46 GMT] This issue is still being investigated.  Please note: If you find a report that instead of reading, “## Pages Tested” under the screenshot reads just, “Tested” there may be data missing from the report, and it should be rerun.  We are sorry for the hassle this is causing, and hope to have it resolved soon.

[Update February 18, 16:08 GMT] We have identified the cause of the intermittent report failures, and are now testing a patch to fix it.

[Update February 18, 18:44 GMT]  We believe we have fixed the problem with the new patch and are taking the test servers down to implement it.  There should be relatively little disruption, as all reports should restart automatically.