Queues and the Search Rank test

We are working on some issues created by the new queueing system and additional changes are required for the Search Rank test.  We know how important this test is to you all, and we are working flat out to try to resolve it as quickly as possible.  I will keep you updated as we have more information.

[15:39] Reports should be running more smoothly now, though we are still working on the queueing system.  We are testing a possible solution to the Search Rank test problems, but are not sure yet if it will be viable or when it could be pushed live.  Thanks for bearing with us.

[Saturday] Reports are running smoothly, and we have implemented a possible solution to the Search Rank test.  We will be monitoring the results.

[The following Friday] We’ve been monitoring things and believe that things are now resolved.  The Search Rank test solution seems to be solid and the queues are moving along.  If you have any questions or need assistance, just send us an email.